Welcome to the Two Foot Photographer.

Welcome to the Two Foot Photographer. Authored by @moobit from www.gamerdads.co.uk, but made up entirely of content from my Daughter.

As a proud father and gadget lover you can imagine my pleasure when my 2 year old daughter turned out to be fully proficient in the use of an iPhone and started asking me for a real camera for her 3rd Birthday! She has now turned three and therein lays the idea for this blog.

I aim to turn this blog into a long running art project, showcasing the world as seen through the eyes of my Daughter via unedited photographs and videos shot or set up by my daughter herself (e.g. giving her camera to one of her friends).

My hope is that over the years as she grows and her interests and perspectives change, this will be reflected in the footage she shoots, which I think as a concept will be quite fascinating. I hope that you all agree and follow us on the journey!

Thanks for your interest and see you soon. :-)

Sunday, 19 December 2010

Photos taken 19 December 2010:

 This is an initial flurry of photos taken throughout her birthday. Uploaded as raw footage. As the day progresses you get a small insight into the mind of a Three year old and what seems important to her...


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